ALMAR, Alfa Marítima International Inc., Private Company, with more than 25 years of experience, in the international maritime transportation of Dry Bulk. It specializes in teamwork in the development of ideas and strategies that allow achievement the objectives of our commercial partners and suppliers, generating solutions, efficiency and added value in supply chains.

Founded in 1990 by Luis Antonio Urdaneta Eraso and Carlos Jose Meneses Urdaneta.

With an enterprising human team which has gained skills, knowledge and experience, with corporations of industrial profile and world-class shipowners, which allows to provide reliability and quality to customers in the operations of maritime transportation of dry bulk cargoes, grains, minerals , fertilizers, etc.


Provide commercial partners and suppliers with the maximum added value and efficiency in the supply chains linked to the maritime transportation and international trade, assuming, all the time, the diverse changes generated by technology and the world.


To be recognized for reliability, quality and excellence in the global dry bulk market.


  • Ethics: A person without ethics, in the long run, their results will be equal to zero. (0).
  • Respect: We treat others in the same way we want to be treated.
  • Flexibility:  We adapt and give solutions to unexpected changes.
  • Integrity: With more than 25 years attached to human values.
  • Joy: Always positive for any challenge.
  • Stability:  We seek the development of long-term relationships and mutual trust.
  • Social Responsability: Local communities are aided in the countries in which operations are carried out.
  • Environmental Responsability: As far as possible, the impact of our operations on the ecology ant the environment is zero (0).
  • Fulfillment: We always comply with the agreement, either in contracts or in daily operations.
  • Service:  We are passionate about serving our allies, commercial partners and suppliers with joy.
  • Commitment: Always determined to find solutions to problems and achieve goals.
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