ALMAR, Alfa Marítima International Inc is a company with  30 years  of experience.





Alfa Marítima International Inc.

Private Company, with 30 years of experience, in the international maritime transportation of Dry Bulk.

It specializes in the development of ideas and strategies that allow achievement of the objectives of our commercial partners and suppliers, generating solutions, efficiency, and added value in supply chains.

Founded in 1990 by Luis Antonio Urdaneta Eraso and Carlos Jose Meneses Urdaneta.

Alfa Marítima International has acquired dexterity, knowledge, and experience, with major corporations and world-class shipowners, which allows providing reliability and security to the Dry Bulk Maritime Transportation.


Provide commercial partners and suppliers with maximum added value and efficiency in the supply chains linked to the maritime transportation and international trade, assuming, all the time, the diverse changes generated by technology and the world.


To be recognized for reliability, quality, and excellence in the global dry bulk market.


  • Ethics: A person without ethics, in the long run, their results will be equal to zero. (0).

  • Respect: We treat others in the same way we want to be treated.

  • Flexibility: We adapt and give solutions to unexpected changes.

  • Integrity: With 30 years attached to human values.

  • Joy: Always positive for any challenge.

  • Stability: We seek the development of long-term relationships and mutual trust.

  • Social Responsability: local communities are aided in the countries in which operations are carried out.

  • Environmental Responsability: As far as possible, the impact of our operations on the environment is zero (0).

  • Fulfillment: We always comply with the agreement, either in contracts or in daily operations.

  • Service: Satisfaction to serve our allies and suppliers.

  • Commitment: Always determined to find solutions to problems and achieve goals.

Passion in the personalized service to the suplierscommercial allies


Execution and management of long-term charter contracts for Dry Bulk Vessels, for more than 10 years in a row, to industrial companies, major corporations, charterers, in the areas such as Grains, Minerals, Cement, Fertilizers, Chemicals.

Execution and management of long-term Tug boats Charter Parties, charter contracts, for more than ten continuous years.

Execution and management of Time Charter contract to lease Tankers.

Development of ideas and strategies to achieve the objectives of our commercial allies, generating efficiency and added value in supply chains.


  • Global Shipbrokers for dry bulk carrier vessels.

  • Reliable location of dry bulk carriers, strategically located throughout the world, which allows maritime transports, adjusting to the projects and delivery times required.

  • Design, develop, negotiate, and administration of charter parties depending on your needs and objectives to be accomplished. (Voyage Charter, Contract of affreightment, Open Requirement Contract, Time Charter, and or Bareboat.)

  • Consulting in international maritime transport, dry bulk cargo.

  • Improvement of the different links of the supply chains, connected to international maritime transport, which translates into greater competitiveness and efficiency in the final result of the product to be marketed.

  • Research and development of opportunities, location of new markets, for the products of our commercial allies.

  • Physical commodity and by products trading.

  • Commercial agency (international business development for your products)

  • Procurement agency (use our procurement team instead of creating your own)

  • Transparent and audited governmental businesses (We buy from and sell to local, regional, and national government agencies)


Together, we can build up supply chains more efficient, and improve the quality of the products manufactured at the end of the supply chain in which we add value.

Alfa Maritima has successfully gained experience in the international dry bulk transportation over 30 years of experience.

We develop long-lasting relationships with our in-house team partners and, via alliances with shipowners, charterers, (industrial Corporations) based on the win/win principle and the human values mentioned in this web site.

We are establishing in the USA, in-house teams, of Dry Bulk Shipbrokers and in-house teams of commodities traders located in the Cleveland Area and or in the USA to work in the supply chains of grains, minerals, and fertilizers among the USA, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.

We are looking for in-house Dry Bulk Shipbrokers partners with 5 years’ experience, minimum.

We are looking for in house international traders’ partners with 5 years’ experience, minimum.

If you wish to participate in our businesses, as an in-house partner, no matter location, country, gender, and age, let us know what your area of expertise is and feel free to contact us let yourself become one of our in-house partners.

Please send us your CV via via Contact Us from this web site.

We will revert with an answer. The information will be kept confidential.

Upon request we will present our professional credentials.


We study the latest technologies and apply them, via network alliances in the different links of the supply chain and so to assure efficiency at the end of the production line. We work in several areas related to our product lines and services. We focus to achieve specifics goals for the international trade commodities and transportation of grains, minerals, and fertilizers..

We joint efforts with major industries, shipowners, financial institutions, engineers, experienced merchants, and traders related to our product lines and services.

We have already adopted solutions to the problems that may arise in the supply chain, and implement a new way of doing operations to make more efficient supply chains in Empresas Polar, Venezuela, Venezolana de Cementos, Vencemos, Cemex de Venezuela, Ferro Aluminio C.A. We added value to the supply chains, in different ways.


Alfa Maritima International complies with the principles of integrity and anti-corruption transparency, complying with the Law of the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act - “FCPA” and with the Bribery Act of the United Kingdom - “UKBA”.

These laws prohibit bribery of officials, public and private officials, and foreign governments.


Since 1990

Luis Antonio Urdaneta E. Chartering Dry Bulk & International Trade. +1 786 2082717

Jesus Alberto Perez Lavaud. Research & Development. +58 412 3643847


    United State

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