Passion in the personalized service to the suplierscommercial allies

 In more than 25 of years, in chartering, shipbrokers or as operators of bulk carriers, always ALMAR , ensures the correct elaboration of charter parties  and ensures the full compliance of them, Thanks to this  ALMAR has never been seen wrapped into arbitrations.

Development of Ideas and strategies to achieve the objectives of our commercial partners, generating efficiency and added value in the supply chains.

To be mentioned among others

Services to cement companies, Clinker, Cement, Iron Ore, with world class shipowners
Uninterrupted contracts of maritime transportation  with the breweries of Venezuela, malted barley, from Europe and Canada, with world class shipowners.
Uninterrupted services in Bauxite contracts, with manufacturers of Aluminum products.

Alfa Maritima Internactional Inc

ALMAR, Alfa Marítima International Inc Empresa Privada,  con más de 25 años de experiencia, en el transporte marítimo internacional de Graneles Secos.

Se especializa en trabajar en equipo en el desarrollo de Ideas y estrategias que permitan alcanzar los objetivos de nuestros aliados comerciales, generando soluciones, eficiencia y valor agregado en las cadenas de suministros.

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